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Camera Rimini

Status of the Organisation

Rimini Chamber of Commerce was founded in the first half of the nineties, on the occasion of the establishment of the new province of Rimini. It is a public autonomous entity that takes care of companies' overall interest and promotes the province's economic development.

Type of Activities

Rimini Chamber of Commerce carries out important work for local companies and local economy such as: keeping the Business Register, which is an actual record of the business and manufacturing system, ensuring correct relationship between companies and consumers (function of market regulation), supporting work for the internationalization of companies, business information and promotional activities aimed at expanding the local economy's various sectors.

In particular, to support the internationalisation of companies it launched:

Special projects: after picking out productive sectors for development of the local economy, special initiatives are launched, such as the Forum on Tourism in the Mediterranean, international project aiming to promote business exchanges and investments in the tourist chain in collaboration with public and private Italian and foreign organisation;

Foreign business missions: to introduce local companies to new markets and possible business;

Foreign desks: located in Casablanca, Moscow, Sarajevo, Shanghai, Mexico City, these are Rimini Chamber of Commerce's antennas, located in foreign countries and facilitating the international contacts of Rimini companies in those countries;

Business meetings: it organises meeting illustrating business opportunities in foreign countries and business meetings between selected Italian and foreign companies;

Seminars on foreign trade: to spread knowledge of the various norms, laws and incentives at the disposal of companies interested in doing business abroad.

Bodies of the Organisation

  • COUNCIL (27 members representing the most important economic sectors in Rimini)
  • BOARD (10 members)
  • BOARD OF AUDITORS (3 members)

The structure is composed by a Secretary General, a Deputy Secretary General and 76 employees.

Rimini and its Province

The town of Rimini was founded as "Ariminum" in Roman days and traces are still to be found in the splendid monuments, also dating back to the Renaissance period. Rimini's hinterland has an outstandingly rich history too, characterized by the rule of the Malatesta Family, which left a heritage to be found to these days as a tangible sign of an illustrious past, with fortresses and castles scattered throughout the area.

Rimini is the "capital" of a province with a great vocation for hospitality, linked with one of the most important seaside tourism system at national and international level as well as with the expo and conference sectors.

Bellaria-Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Misano Adriatico and Cattolica are the municipalities with a vocation for tourism, located right on the Adriatic coast and forming a continuous coastal town forms the heart of the Italian vacation and leisure industry.

The province's tourist facilities include approximately 2.500 hotels, plus holiday homes and hostels, campsites, farmhouse holiday venues, apartments and private houses. During the year, a total of 15 million tourists arrive, mainly from Italy.

There is also a high profile manufacturing sector, with avant-garde industries in various sectors and widespread artisan activity in both the production and the service fields.

Over 40.000 local companies and units make up Rimini's economic framework (% 77 services, % 20,9 industry, % 2,1 agriculture). The employment rate is approximately % 70.

The Rimini area has an outstanding identity, thanks to its age-old history as well as its cultural and gourmet traditions ("piadina romagnola", "Colli di Rimini" D.O.C. wines, "Colline di Romagna" D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil).

In an area of 206 square miles, the twenty municipalities that form the province of Rimini are populated by approximately 300.000 inhabitants.